The importance and need for mandatory aids testing

So when mandatory premarital testing was tried in Illinois, the number of people identified was extremely low Many people argu that the requirement of mandatory premarital HIV test will encourage to practice moral behavior e.

Even if you haven't recently put yourself at risk of infection, making HIV testing part of your sexual health routine is a good habit to get into for a number of reasons Appreciating the Beneficence principle: Specifically, these recommendations stated that: Violation of Human Rights: The main objective of this paper is to discuss and bring out the consequences of introducing the mandatory HIV testing strategy in some countries and also highlight the advantages of undergoing HIV testing.

Mandatory or compulsory coerced testing is never appropriate, regardless of where that coercion comes from: With regard to the utilitarian perspective, one might ask, from a scientific, a public health, or a societal perspective, is the greater good accomplished by mandatory testing.

Several factors may prevent individuals from getting tested for HIV. With a possible or probable disclosure of status of HIV result, the women may has to suffer discrimination not just in terms of health services but also in her day to day activities of life in the community.

It is seen in the recent past that mandatory testing has gained lot of political support in certain regions of gulf countries Saudi Arabia, UAEprovinces in China, India, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Senegal etc. Ineffective in HIV prevention: Equalisation has come through a mandatory move that will relegate HIV to mere malaria and headache.

By implementing this Mandatory HIV testing strategy and ensuring prompt treatment there is a great potential to reduce the perinatal transmission of HIV from mother to child.

One reason for HIV testing is to protect those who are exposed to those who are sero-positive. The more HIV testing is available, the more counsellor training is required.

I think there are several problems that will come up as things develop. Human Rights Watch; A comprehensive approach that includes immediate measures to stop the migration of health workers is paramount. Lest we drive out high risk people like sex workers into illicit medical centres for fear of stigma.

This may be done by lay counsellors. Research shows that knowledge of HIV status is linked to lower risk for acquiring and transmitting the virus. Testing services must be confidential, meaning that the content of discussions between the person tested and the health-care worker, testing provider, or counsellor, as well as the test results, will not be disclosed to anyone else without the consent of the person tested.

Issue of Window Period: First of all, they claim, it plays into an already deleterious response to various populations that are at risk, and who are already discriminated against in a variety of fashions, not the least of which is in the provision of health care services.

Adolescents require special attention to their needs through the provision of youth-friendly testing and counselling and follow-up services.

The Importance of HIV Testing

A mandatory approach to testing and treatment has the potential to significantly reduce perinatal transmission of HIV, it is definitely not the effective and acceptable choice by everyone as the approach is opposing to the rights based approach.

This is because HIV attacks your immune system. HIV testing is essential to ensure a safe blood supply. In Zimbabwe, high school students are encouraged to donate blood. This section looks at when HIV tests are used, possible reasons for HIV testing and the advantages and disadvantages of HIV testing.

Opinions on government introduction of mandatory HIV testing.

Global information and education on HIV and AIDS

The practice of mandatory HIV testing is extremely controversial, and it continues to be a topic of debate. The combination of stigma, discrimination and denial associated with Aids can yield fatalistic results if people are tested by force, against their freewill.

HIV/AIDS; HIV Testing in the United States; HIV Testing in the United States HIV testing is mandatory in the U.S. in Filling the need for trusted information on national health issues, the.

Statement on HIV testing and counseling: WHO, UNAIDS re-affirm opposition to mandatory HIV testing

Mandatory HIV Testing? Should Mandatory HIV Testing Be the Norm? Share; Tweet Reddit Email After nearly three decades of fighting HIV/AIDS, more than a people in the U.S. are still. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that, in the context of community mobilization around the importance of learning one’s HIV status, HIV testing and counselling should be offered whenever a patient shows signs or symptoms of HIV infection or AIDS.

Is HIV testing ever mandatory? Because choosing to take an HIV test can be hugely beneficial for yourself and your loved ones, the decision to test should be yours alone to make.

However, some countries require you to get an HIV test in order to enter the country.

The importance and need for mandatory aids testing
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