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Jason is not only being dishonest to himself, but also to Coach Carter. Leadership inspires change in education, managers manages transformation in education A leader must set Be careful not to miss important points, though.

Nonetheless, ethics also affects the basketball team. For example, in basketball, if I was the coach I would make a person who is small but have good shooting skills be responsible for taking three point shots.

Despite the people who only care for the Richmond Oilers because they win, the basketball team has developed a long-term view that extends all the way to the future that lies ahead of them.

Coach Carter Essay Sample

This shows that Carter is equitable towards all. Ethics are concerned with how a moral person should behave such as being right, good, and proper.

I also believe in equity where managers should be kind and fair. Plot Summary of Coach CarterInKen Carter, a successful sporting goods store owner, accepts the job of basketball coach for his old high school in a poor area of Richmond, CA, where he was a champion athlete.

In fact, Coach Carter even finds him in the hallway flirting with a girl while ditching class. This might result in a loss. The idea of unity of direction where the leader makes a single plan and all members execute that plan is in my opinion, very effective. The reason he did this is because again, he wants the students to put effort into school in hope of a better life portraying that he cares for students on the team.

This shows the advantageous aspect of this rule. Division of Labour is seen where he decides who is the point guard for the team, and who should be the person who takes the three pointers. This means that they were not allowed to access the gym for practice, or participate in any games.

His paradigm was limited to that his basketball players would only live a life of crime and poverty. There are many differences between manager and leaders which includes: As such, they will not like these rules. Since he was as much dismayed by the poor attitudes of his players as their dismal play performance, Carter sets about to change both.

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Coach carter review essay assignment

Management Looking closely at his method of coaching, there are both positive and negative aspects that surround it. As the main character of the movie, Coach Carter also learns to experience a paradigm shift. Therefore the team begins to act like how a moral person should behave by studying hard and respecting their coach.

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Coach Carter Assignment

Carter followed the principle of impersonality. By telling them that this is their job, this person would not drive into the key and go for a layup because they are small and would possibly be blocked.

The Environment, Man vs. I also believe in equity where managers should be kind and fair. As their coach, Coach Carter deserves respect. Write a paragraph to explain what happens in this movie. Although Jason implies that the whole team is currently upholding at least a 2.

Overall, Carter is a great coach because not only did he turn Richmond into a successful basketball team, but cared for each and every member by ensuring that they have the marks needed for higher education etc. This ties in with the last example about the lockout.

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In my opinion, Carter is a good manager because not only did he make Richmond one of the most successful basketball team but does things that benefits the students on the team as well. Major Assignment Movie: Coach Carter 1. Discuss the personality of Coach Carter using big 5 personality theory as well as Myers and Briggs personality types 2.

Using one content theory, expectancy theory, learning theory (reinforcement theory) explain the motivation approach of coach carter 3. What stage of group development was the basket ball team before coach Carter took over the. Identifying what was most important to Coach Carter, (2) Coach Carter's values, (3) Coach Carter's significant leadership decisions, (4) How players and the entire team were transformed, and (5) Lessons that can be applied to other situations.

Coach Carter Management Assignment In the movie, Coach Carter, it is seen that the coaching style of Carter differs from most. In order to be eligible to play for the Richmond basketball team, the players must follow a strict regime outlined in a.

An Organizational Behavior Assignment on the Movie Coach Carter by shajaane in Types > Presentations. Transcript of Coach Carter Assignment: Movie They learned how to respect each other by calling each other sir and calling the coach sir as well. And if they didn't do that than they got punished.

Coach Carter Assignment

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