An essay on australia and the need for federation

The members of the ANA were part of the Australian born group who were increasing in numbers, and they thought of Australia as their own country.

At that time, there were particular prejudices against the Chinese and Pacific Islanders. Australia can run under our own constitution by our people, for our people to better suit our needs for an enhanced standard of living.

Essay: How and Why Australia Became a Federation

This is because then other countries would recognise the goods from a nation not an unknown colony. The federal government will accommodate for national requirements such as defense, and the state will for statewide requirements such as education.

Why Australia should be Federated?

Growing national pride The growth in national pride towards the end of the 19th century served as a considerable factor in securing Federation in Australia. No time should be wasted. To overcome the dilemma of how to be nationalist and pro-Empire at the same time, proponents of Australian Federation used the concept of the 'crimson thread of kinship' quoted by Henry Parkes, past Premier of NSW.

Unionism in Australia began in when workers did not have rights to fixed wages, set hours or safe conditions of work.

How and Why Did Federation Occur in Australia?

These processes were the main events that led all those colonies towards Federation. Vote Yes for Federation, During this time also, campaigns to grant the vote to women were successful in South Australia and Western Australia People often said that if we had Federation the taxes would be higher and it would be expensive to set up a new central parliament.

There were many fears in Australia and that the colonies will be attacked by neighbouring countries.

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See image 2 The need for free trade between the colonies and an overarching government to ensure that it was fair was another reason behind support for Federation. See animation These taxes, however, created substantial tension between the colonies.

They were not ready to do so. The rivalry between New south Wales and Victoria was ended when it was decided that neither state was going to have the capital and it would be exactly between the two of them. Maybe another piece of land lying on the face of this Earth.

The idea, however, lacked popularity and was consequently abandoned. An example of this is Queensland, which employed Kanakas. Many people in Australia believed that New Guinea should have, and could have, belonged to them if the six colonies had been able to unify to annex it themselves.


The Federation Of Australia There are many reasons for and against the federation of Australia. These reasons will be conveyed in this essay. Before the federation Australia consisted of. Federation is the joining of states to become one nation.

The Australian government first considered federation in when premier Henry Parkes convinced other premiers to discuss federation in the Australasian Federation Convention. Australia finally federated in after many failed attempts.

Federation happened in when the six separate Australian colonies came together to form what is now the Commonwealth of Australia. It occurred for many reasons including: to unite the defence of Australia; to make uniform bank laws; taxes and tariffs resulting in better trade and communication between states; and to put the “White Australia Policy”.

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Essay: How and Why Australia Became a Federation

p 34, ) The Federation of Australia's states was centered on the introduction of the Australian constitution, a document that was well suited to the imperialistic /5(4).

Federation was the joining together of the colonies to form a nation the Commonwealth of Australia. As each colony was created separately and had theiMaisum Kazimi EVENTS THAT LED TO FEDERATION Federation was the joining together of the colonies to form a the essay free on Booksie.

Find out more about Federation and John Curtin as a nation builder by delving into this comprehensive essay by Dr Bobbie Oliver. Bobbie's historical work formed the basis for the JCPML exhibition Shaping the Nation: John Curtin and Australia.

An essay on australia and the need for federation
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