An argument against major league baseball in needing a salary cap

Yes, any individual game will always have some uncertainty, but postseason races or playoff series can easily be all but decided, and the data suggests that this inevitability turns away fans. In other words, caps are discounts for billionaires. Since the expanded playoffs began intwenty-two of the thirty big league teams have reached the postseason at least once; two of the remaining eight, the Phillies and Blue Jays, had just met in the final World Series under the old setup.

Beyond all that, accounting estimates credibly suggest that MLB is wildly profitable at the league level and in terms of individual franchises. Hundreds of players come and go every year, but owners cling on to franchises for life and routinely pass them down to their children after death.

The tax starts at A luxury tax in professional sports is a surcharge put on the aggregate payroll of a team to the extent to which it exceeds a predetermined guideline level set by the league A salary cap would make all of the teams fair and give an equal chance for every team to get to the ultimate goal and win the world series.

That said, the Yankees are one of two teams never to have missed the postseason under the current system the Braves are the other. But he is not the best player in baseball or even the best pitcher in baseball, and he will now make more in base salary than every single player in the NFL and the NBA.

This reduces salaries in two ways: The sink-or-swim spending atmosphere of the Football League Championship — the second-tier league below the EPL — has led nine of its 24 teams to employ player payrolls greater than that of their revenuesendangering long-term stability.

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A salary cap would make some of the higher salary teams like the Yankees to either get the players on their team with big contracts to take less money or to some of the lower salary teams that can afford them. Thanks for signing up.

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The only people who should be mad about the size of MLB contracts are their peers in the other major sports leagues, and those guys should probably address any concerns to their union leadership. It would prevent the teams like the Yankees and Red Sox from getting all the big name players and the Royals and Indians getting lottery picks on a regular basis.

Antitrust laws exist to prevent businesses from conspiring to artificially limit demand, set prices, or restrict pay. Baseball has two modified cap-type mechanisms: As of the season, only four teams have paid any luxury tax. Filling up would become a thing of the past. This provided owners with a huge bargaining advantage.

In other words, New York Yankees tickets would not be nearly as valuable if they played against Little League teams. Every team in the league, rich or poor, gets to keep about 60 cents on every new dollar it earns. A salary cap -- which should more properly be called a "payroll cap," since it says nothing about individual player salaries, only overall team payrolls -- is the simplest to envision.

As a three-time recidivist, the Yankees paid a 40 percent tax on their excess spending in Come to think of it, maybe that's the best reason of all. In fact, recent articles in The Hardball Times and Freakonomics show that the relationship between money and wins has decreased over time.

Not only are playoff tickets a lucrative item, but a winning team typically sees regular-season sales soar. Players challenge this clause in the s, and owners offered many of the same arguments then that they do today about salary caps: " owners of sports teams developed the argument that, whatever the consequences of the reserve clause on players' salaries, it was needed to preserve competitive balance.

May 22,  · Here’s the history, the current climate, and what the owners might say about a cap now in Major League Baseball. The History Of MLB’s Owners Seeking A Salary Cap. Baseball players actually make a far smaller share of the league’s total revenue than they did 20 years ago, so one could easily argue the game would be better served adding a salary floor, or.

Sep 25,  · Having been a fan of the Four Professional Major sports, which includes Baseball, Basketball, Football and Hockey, I am totally convinced that Baseball needs to go the way of the other three sports, and enact a Salary Structure to keep the game appealing and competitive for All of Americas teams and Resolved.

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Major League Baseball Needs a Salary Cap A salary cap in pro sports is the amount of money every team in a league can spend on all of the players on its roster in one year.

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Major League Baseball does not have a salary cap.

An argument against major league baseball in needing a salary cap
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