An analysis of langston hughess theme for english b

By the end of the poem, readers have a clear view of the speaker's identity and goals. The whiteness constitutes the aspect of being white, the writing over it symbolizes the quality of being coloured. The narrator tries to identify himself as someone who loves to sleep, eat, drink, be in love, work, read, learn, and understands life.

He communicates with Harlem, the abode of the Black Renaissance.

Theme for English B

He is both a part of Harlem and a part of a mostly white English class: This, at times, is not what both of them want, but it remains a fact. Works Cited Hughes, Langston. The appearance and scope of the poem develop as he talks with confidence in the poem to his teacher. He does begin to have some rhyming toward the end of the poem.

He puts within brackets that he hears New York too. Works Cited Hughes, Langston. After graduating from high school, he spent a year in Mexico followed by a year at Columbia University in New York City.

The speaker states that regardless of race, both he and his white instructor are Americans -- even if they don't always want to recognize their similar identity. The poem concludes with the writer saying "This is my page for English B", which is a result of the narrator learning something from the instructor, as has the instructor learned a few things from him, despite the instructor being 'older', 'white', and 'somewhat more free'.

Theme For English B Analysis

He affirms that being him, it will not be white. If a teacher grades an essay or a poem, there are standards to base a grade, but there is always an element of subjectivity that the student must understand will be used in the evaluation of the work.

Penlighten Staff Did You Know. The key to the poem is the two forces at work: Throughout the poem, the speaker moves from describing his past to his present journey to class each day to the activities and interests that describe him. He lists facts about himself that set him apart from his classmates, including the fact that he is the only African American man in his class and that he resides in Harlem Hughes The speaker goes on to cite some things that he experiences and likes as a way of establishing some sense of self in his assignment.

At the beginning of "Theme for English B," the speaker uses an uncertain, questioning tone to describe the teacher's assignment to write a page about himself, asking if he can really produce something "true" since he's so different from the other students. His parents divorced when he was a young child, and his father moved to Mexico.

Unlike other notable black poets of the period—Claude McKay, Jean Toomer, and Countee Cullen—Hughes refused to differentiate between his personal experience and the common experience of black America.

This was located at the heart of the Harlem Renaissance. As the only black man in his college English class, the speaker is not sure whether to take on the persona of a typical English student, regardless of race, or to stay true to his heritage and culture.

But he says, the truth is that they are a part of it and get to learn things from one another.

Theme For English B Analysis

He finished his college education at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania three years later. He wishes to get a pipe as a gift for Christmas. The poem concludes with rhyming lines which end with "me" and "free," and the last line: Rather than isolating ourselves, we can choose to find similarities among our peers, creating a rich environment with many perspectives from which to learn while seeking truth and knowledge.

Arts provided a mirror to reflect the racial profiling of society. Analysis of Theme for English B by Langston Hughes Essay Words 8 Pages Langston Hughes was an African American poet and author who joined other black artists to break literary barriers during the civil rights movement. Langston Hughes “Theme for English B” is an unusual poem written as though it is an assignment for a young, black, college scholar.

The assignment from the white instructor is daunting to an inexperienced writer. It is always hard to face a blank sheet of paper with little instructions to initiate the assignment.

'Theme for English B' is a poem by Langston Hughes that is a part of the literature of the Harlem Renaissance. It provides the view of a racist world as seen by a young man living in Harlem.

Here is a 'Theme for English B' analysis and summary. If you didn't know too much about Langston Hughes, it would be tempting to think that the speaker of the poem is Hughes himself—he's either the one in this college class, or he's remembering back.

Nov 12,  · The poem “Theme for English B” by Langston Hughes depicts a black young adult who is attempting to figure out what is true in his life via an English assignment.

As the only black man in his college English class, the speaker is not sure whether to take on the persona of a typical English student, regardless of race, or to stay true to his heritage and clientesporclics.coms: 4.

Imagine being the only African-American student in your English class in a time when people of different races weren't treated as equals. That's the situation in Langston Hughes' "Theme for English B," a poem that reveals the speaker's struggle to interpret an assignment from his white instructor.

An analysis of langston hughess theme for english b
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Theme For English B Analysis